Saturday, August 15, 2009


I mentioned before about the lottery...well, tonight I won $15 in the Powerball lottery!! I had the red ball (the power ball) number of 12 AND I had done power play! I originally thought I just won $3, but then later (about 20 minutes later!) saw the power play marked "yes"! The power play number was x5, so there's my $15! Want more proof?? Well, I have been researching the field of coaching and after deciding it was in harmony with my desires, I wanted to get the first three books on my list! I found them on ebay for $5 each. So I had set my intention to get that $15....see where I'm going....? :)

Also, my baby-to-toddler bibs: I wanted to get $40 today. It came to me that I could sell 8 bibs to a local shop in town. I quickly finished 8, and packed up the little ones and headed out on my mission. The woman who owned the store was very excited about them as well, and we agreed that she would buy them for $5 and sell them for $10. As I was heading out of the store another woman came in with a baby and they instantly started talking about how much they liked them! Now, my absolute deadline to get $40 is Monday night, so like Bob Proctor says, it's not a failure if it didn't manifest in your time frame, it's just that you didn't know how long yet that manifestation would take! But don't give up on it!

The Six Minutes To Success program is doing so many wonderful things for me! I was up this morning at 5:30am and was more productive than ever! The bonus audios you get with the membership are INCREDIBLE and LIFE ALTERING! I feel like a new person! I couldn't sit still and watch tv as I normally would have because my mind was tuned to receiving ideas! Everything I did today had a purpose and was in line with achieving my goals! I am so happy and excited by all of this! I'm off now to plan tomorrow tonight, and then read Think and Grow Rich! As soon as the kids have breakfast I am going to claim my lottery winnings! I'm on my way to that jackpot!!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Update so far

I have been really busy with reading and studying! Not to mention Zoey's birthday is Saturday (she's turning 1!) so we have been planning for that as well! I'm learning so much and I just feel like my optimism is 100% untouchable! I have this incredible feeling inside, like I'm just over flowing with excitement and joy! I feel something HUGE is about to happen! I know that the things that are about to happen in my life are going to be incredible! Right now I have finished chapter 4 of Think and Grow Rich, and I will be starting chapter 5 this evening. I've also begun to make my way carefully through the first lesson of The Laws of Success in 16 Lessons! In addition, I've come across a potential business opportunity that I feel drawn to at least look into. I will not let money keep me from a life changing opportunity, so that 'excuse' is already canceled ahead of time! :) I can do anything. I will be a millionaire. I will live in the house you see on the left side of my blog. I will have a new car by February 2010. Why put a timeline on it? Because I know it will come to me. It's mine. And your desires are yours, so go get them! :)

Monday, August 3, 2009

The Laws of Success and The Lottery

I have read some differing opinions about using the Laws of Success/Attraction to win the lottery. This is my take on it. If it is your burning desire, and you have not a trace of doubt in your mind, and you have an exact amount of money you intend to receive, and a date by which to do it....and know what you will give back in return, then it will work. See, even if other millionaires tell you it can not be done, well that is their opinion and in my own opinion contradictory to what they are saying to you in the first place: there is NO limit to what you can achieve and no matter how impossible it may seem you can still reach your goals. So in theory then, who are they to say that the LAW will not work in certain situations? Are they not just becoming an obstacle to overcome by saying such things? I think that they are. I have great respect for all people, but to put a limit on someone like that is incorrect. See, they do not KNOW that you can not win the lottery like that, and in FACT people DO win the lottery!! What is the difference then? I will tell you. The difference is making it a burning desire. To have NO doubt. To know that you MUST win or perish. To never quit. To not accept defeat as a reality. It is yours. Go get it. Believe you already have received it and FEEL as though you have! So to those "big names" out there that want to claim that attracting a winning lottery ticket is a lousy goal: you are wrong for placing YOUR opinion on someone else's desire!


Sunday, August 2, 2009

My Life Today August 2, 2009

Today is August 2, 2009 and marks the first day of my 12 month commitment to studying the secret. This post is to mark where my life is today and all that is going on right now. On August 2, 2010 I will post another "My Life Today" and then the two can be compared! I am looking forward to seeing a huge difference--such that it would seem we are reading about two different people leading two very different lives! So here it is:

I am 26 years old, and have been married for 3 years and 7 months tomorrow. We have three wonderful children: Dominic, Drake and Zoey. We live in a two bedroom, one bath house that we rent for $500 per month. We drive a 1998 Chevy Malibu, and John works at Imation. Our income is about $1800 per month. I have just received 1,000 hits on my ArtFire studio, and have sold 14 baby-to-toddler bibs thus far. Dominic lives in California during the school year, and spends the summers (and Christmas when possible) with us! We are trying to conceive baby #4, and hoping to be due in May 2010! We play the Oklahoma lottery and look forward to that jackpot! I am working on getting my baby bibs sold in a store, and am expecting great results with that! I have new money making ideas that I am ready to see manifested as well! I don't have much in the way of a wardrobe right now. Really I only have one pair of shorts, one pair of jeans, and about 4 decent shirts that look okay on me! The rest are tank tops that just don't fit or work to wear out of the house so they are more like pajamas! LOL I have one pair of tennis shoes (like running shoes I guess), worn out Converse and a pair of pink flip flops that are in need of replacing! LOL My hair is a mess of color right now because I am trying to let it grow out and see the natural color! I plan on letting it grow out long enough so I can just cut off the remaining dyed part, but I don't want to be left with really short hair so it could be awhile!

So that is my life today, and I look forward to the transformation in the next 12 months! See you in the future! :)

Mental Clarity...Coming Into Focus

This morning I was up early, and I feel so much mental clarity, even if it's just starting! Ideas are coming to me that I didn't have as of last night! Money making ideas! Great ideas! I don't need to know how to make them happen, I just need to have the ideas! I have decided to give myself 12 months to seriously study these secrets of success. To begin with I am going to write out where my life is today, and then in one year, I will write down where I am at again and then compare the two! I am excited because I feel as though in one year when I look back it's going to be as if I am reading about two different people in two very different lives!

Last night I read Chapter 1 of Think and Grow Rich and so for the first part of today I will re-read that chapter. Tonight I will move on to Chapter 2. This way I will go to sleep with new information, but then spend the next day reading it a second time and thinking about it more! John is going to join me with this and I look forward to great things taking place in our lives!

This process is going to be long, but fun! And who wouldn't want to have a full year of fun?! In my next post I will write out where my life is right now! Be sure to follow me so you can check back in twelve months to see all the wonderful changes that have happened!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Think and Grow Rich Chapter 1

I have begun to study the book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. The suggested reading plan is to read no more than one chapter per night and to truly meditate over it. So that is what I am going to be doing! Tonight is chapter 1 so that is what this post is about! Enjoy!

Chapter 1 is a great introduction to it all! Turning your thoughts into reality is a real and factual thing. But you can not just think it once and let it go--you have to desire it specifically. Believe in it. Know it to be yours. And to never stop short. If you quit before you get your desires, how do you know if it wasn't coming in the next hour? The next day? Next week? Become so obsessive with it that it consumes everything you do and is everything you work for. I know exactly what I want. I know the exact address to my dream house. I know the layout. I know how much the taxes are on it each year. I know what car I will have--I know the make, model, color and features. I know how much money I will make. I know it all--in great detail! I focus on it constantly. When the kids are pushing their limits with me, I instantly find myself focused on my desires. And my positive thinking. I watch my visualization videos every day and read/meditate on the Optimist's Creed as well. But I am also on a new challenge as I mentioned before--to think positive thoughts only! Today was the first day of that challenge and it's working! I have found a copy of Think and Grow Rich AND The Law of Success in 16 Lessons -- FOR FREE. I didn't have the funds in my account today, but I KNEW that I needed these books. As of about 9:30pm, I had them. I will study them. I will apply them.

Tomorrow is Chapter 2, Desire, and I am thrilled to wake up and read it! I am going to get some housework done tonight, and while I am I will be contemplating the first chapter in the book. I feel a fire burning within me and it's only getting larger and hotter---I will receive all that I desire!

Changes are coming, and they are coming fast! I know they are--I can feel it.

A Manifestation!

I mentioned before that as soon as I could I was going to get the book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. Well, I have no money to buy it right now, but I just knew that I NEEDED that book!! I looked on ebay and found some good deals, but again I don't have the money this second to get it! So I Googled it....and found a free pdf version of the book! I was amazed! I actually manifested a FREE copy of this book! I am still planning on getting a physical copy because I just prefer to be able to read wherever I am at and being at my computer isn't always fun! LOL But I do have it and I am going to start reading it this afternoon as soon as the kids are napping! I am so excited to see more manifestations!

You too can find it if you attract it! ;)

Challenges Update

I haven't been posting for a few days due to being busy with the kids and sewing! But I wanted to update everyone on my challenges!!

My thinking is improving and I am becoming more positive every day! There is so much less stress in my life and I have more confidence than ever! I also accepted a 30 day challenge from to think NOTHING but positive thoughts every day all day for 30 days! So this is day 1 on that challenge!

I took that challenge last night before going to bed and it is already working! I had a nightmare last night in my sleep and in my dream I told myself that I can choose my thoughts, and that the dream was just a bad thought! So I immediately started thinking "dream house dream house...." and kept saying it and then suddenly my dream went from a nightmare to being a good dream about living in that house!

There are more laws that go hand in hand with The Secret, and the blog I mentioned above is going to help me learn all of them! Just as soon as I get my hands on the book Think and Get Rich I will be even more on the right track to success!

Anything good happening lately? Why yes! I am working with a store owner who is interested in exclusivity of some of my baby-to-toddler bibs and am expecting great things to happen with that! John is finding new job opportunities, and Zoey's birthday party is coming together nicely for next Saturday! We have attracted more company to us--our family members and some friends came over on Thursday night after what was a spontaneous invite from John to just his friend and brother to come over! Turned out to be an all night event with everyone we enjoy having around, but we hardly ever see! It was a lot of fun! I am finding it easier and easier to be grateful for all those little things we often over look!

Like Michelle said on her challenge video (see the above blog!): "Are you breathing?" That is such a great inspiration! I know that sometimes we can get down in a slump and think there isn't anything to be grateful for but really, "are you breathing?"--yes? Well then be thankful for that! Just last night I was thinking about how grateful I was/am to be able to take a shower every day and any time I want, and to have the body wash I like, and to have shampoo and conditioner, and to have my razor, and .... you get the idea! Just think what it would be like to NOT have the things you do! Computer? TV? Books? Kids? Beds? Food? Job? Car? Even if it may not be the "best" or your "dream", at least you have it, right? I mean, if you want more kids but find that you are unable and yet you already have children, shouldn't you be thankful for the ones you do have? And you may not have your own computer at your disposal, but are you not having at least access to one right now to read this?? You may not have a lot of food, but are you at least eating every day? See what I mean! It's easy when you really step back and see what it could be like to NOT have these things! I mean really think about this!!! Are you grateful for indoor plumbing?? I know I am! LOL

What are you grateful for? Sight? Hearing? Sense of smell? Ability to walk/talk/read/write...? ???