Sunday, August 2, 2009

Mental Clarity...Coming Into Focus

This morning I was up early, and I feel so much mental clarity, even if it's just starting! Ideas are coming to me that I didn't have as of last night! Money making ideas! Great ideas! I don't need to know how to make them happen, I just need to have the ideas! I have decided to give myself 12 months to seriously study these secrets of success. To begin with I am going to write out where my life is today, and then in one year, I will write down where I am at again and then compare the two! I am excited because I feel as though in one year when I look back it's going to be as if I am reading about two different people in two very different lives!

Last night I read Chapter 1 of Think and Grow Rich and so for the first part of today I will re-read that chapter. Tonight I will move on to Chapter 2. This way I will go to sleep with new information, but then spend the next day reading it a second time and thinking about it more! John is going to join me with this and I look forward to great things taking place in our lives!

This process is going to be long, but fun! And who wouldn't want to have a full year of fun?! In my next post I will write out where my life is right now! Be sure to follow me so you can check back in twelve months to see all the wonderful changes that have happened!

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