Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Days 6 and 7 of 30/100

Sorry for not posting the last two days! The last two days I have done my visuals and optimism challenge, and I know things are changing! The vision board is a great thing to have because I see it throughout my day! I got an order for three Baby-to-Toddler bibs on Sunday so that was definitely a great thing! I find myself smiling for "no reason" throughout the day, although I know that the reason is The Secret. I look forward to my days, and intend for them to be incredible!!

Today is day 8, so I will post back tonight about today! But I intend for it to be great and for great things to manifest for me!

Intend to Have an Amazing Day!

Good morning!

I was thinking today that often when we kiss our significant others good-bye for the day, a lot of times someone will say "Have a good day!" and the response usually is either "You too" or "I will". But really, are you/they INTENDING to have a great day, or just saying the auto-pilot response? Don't forget to feel that feeling of already knowing and having a great day! Wake up and tell yourself "This is a fantastic day! I am so grateful and happy to experience so many great things!" Really feel it sinking in until it makes you FEEL like it has already happened! Hold that feeling with you--smile because you KNOW you are having -- CREATING -- a fantastic day for yourself and those around you! Understand that some people may not be feeling that way, but if you smile and allow that feeling to radiate from you it can change their mood as well! And isn't that wonderful?? To know that just by telling yourself you are creating an amazing day, and feeling it, you can transmit that feeling--that energy--to those around you and help to lift them up as well as yourself!

When thinking about your to-do lists for the day, make "Create an amazing day" top of the list! Hold that in your mind in everything you do today---this way you will be doing your every day tasks with the intent on it aiding you in creating that amazing day!

I am looking forward to today's experiences and would love to hear how your day turns out!

Smile, even if no one is around.....because you KNOW the Secret!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Day 5 30/100

Today was a wonderful day! I feel happy and optimistic and carefree! Here is what has happened today: in the mail we received a package of little toys/prizes from my mom to add to the kids' Prize Box (for good behavior), and the Pentalic notebook I bought for John to do his comic strips! Great surprises there! When I went to the Wal*Mart this afternoon I received front row parking, followed by ending up in the fastest and shortest checkout, then a gentleman held the door open on the way out for me and Zoey! On my way to the next store, I again received front parking! I played the lotto for tonight's Powerball and Pick 3 and although our numbers weren't called tonight, we are one drawing closer and we are very excited! We shared the secret with some family members as well! I am very excited to see the changes that they bring about in their lives, too! I also had forgot my ID when I went to the gas station to pick up some beer for the guys (we grilled for dinner and had everyone over!)--so instead of thinking "I hope they don't ask for my ID" I instead put out there "I will buy the beer with just my credit card". AND I DID! Also when I went back out to get some juice for me and the kids I noticed the rewards program at that gas station and finally inquired about it! Turns out I can attract money to myself that way as well! They give money back on gas and also random prizes, such as $50 gift cards to use there! How cool is that?! I also created a vision board this afternoon and it is hanging in our living room! We have a bare space on one wall that just never had anything there, but the vision board was just MADE to go there! It looks so right! On it I have the Real Estate flyer to our dream house, lotto tickets, a receipt from the ATM that I whited out that balance on and wrote in $500,000.00, a photo of a dog (although it isn't the exact breed we want, it's a place holder and above I wrote "German Shepard"!), a pregnant belly ;), and a Geico Money guy but it's just him with $500,000.00 written on top! I am so grateful for all the wonderful things in my life!

If you haven't started on a challenge of your own, you should start NOW! It can be anything! Even 10 days of just reading the Optimist's Creed! Remember: you don't need to know how it will work, just know and believe it will and does! I'm excited to tell you all of what tomorrow brings!

Day 4 30/100

Yesterday was day 4 of my challenges! We went to the bank to look into getting an auto loan, and although we didn't get it, we were shown things on our credit report that were in fact inaccurate! So, we are now able to look into getting those corrected--had we not gone to the bank, we would have never found this out! Our car is being attracted to us right now, we know it! I watched the dvd twice last night, and after falling asleep while holding my desires in my mind, I woke up suddenly and had this overwhelming need to get up and buy a lottery ticket! I had had the numbers in my head for a few days, the numbers relating to our dream home! So I went out and intended to just buy a Pick 3 ticket, but when I got there I was drawn to the big lottery! I was able to play all the numbers I had had in my head, and then when I went to buy both, the time was just a few minutes too late to play the Pick 3--but I am going back today! Anyways, it was a good thing that I didn't do the Pick 3 last night because those weren't the numbers I chose! But it will happen for us! The lottery is 88 Million and that is a great sign, because Zoey, my daughter, was born on 8/8/08 at 8:03am! I know these numbers I have will win and I just have to maintain my belief AND the feeling as if I've already won! I am so excited! I have been feeling happier and happier as the days go one!

As for expecting and receiving unexpected checks in the mail every day, I received a great discount pass to my favorite store the other day, and in the mail last night was a charitable donations summary that shows we donated $120.00 and it is tax deductible! So to me, that is like having a $120 check in the mail--even if it comes in my tax return! :)

My next step is to take a tour of our dream home!

I am feeling fabulous, and I am master of my thoughts!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Day 3 of 30/100

Today is/was day 3! I did my visualizations this morning and this evening. I felt great all day! Excellent mood! Very optimistic! I am awaiting a phone call from the bank in the morning that will tell me our auto loan has been approved! I found a great 2004 Dodge Durango SLT with the third row seats, in dark silver and with new tires! It's a bit of a drive, but worth it! I know I am attracting the perfect car for my family! I feel so many wonderful things happening already! Tomorrow is going to be another fantastic day! One way or another I will have my new vehicle and it will be wonderful to take the kids for a drive in it this weekend! I feel more passion now than ever before about my life and where it's going!

Looking forward to tomorrow!

*Still trying to get the dining set photos to link up...*

A New Car!

I have learned that you need a few things for your desires to manifest: absolute belief, living as though you already have them, and awareness of opportunities that present themselves! Later this morning I will be going to the bank for an auto loan! The car that I found, a 2004 Dodge Durango SLT, has the number of seats I want and it also combines what both myself and John are looking for! It is about $8,000 and it is actually in silver! That is the color I wanted when I considered the 2009 Grand Caravan! After reading reviews and everything, I decided to make a smart money move and go for the silver Durango! I think it's so cool that this all presented itself to me! I called the dealership and they still have the vehicle, although it is out on loan right now but they are going to call as soon as it gets back on the lot! After I get approved for the auto loan, I am going straight over to the dealer to tell them that I do have the money right away and will be interested in purchasing that vehicle! I am surprised to see how quickly my attitude is changing! I used to think it would be years before anything like this would start to happen and here I am going to the bank! I am very excited to come back in a couple of days to post photos of our new 2004 Dodge Durango!

In regards to my challenges, I have already done my morning visualizations and Creed! I am off now to play The Secret Memory Game on the website! I know that by the Law of Attraction the number of tries it takes me will match the message that is perfect for me right now!

Always know that your desires will manifest! Believe in your power!

Have an INCREDIBLE day! I will be back tonight to report on my challenges!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Day 2 of 30/100

Today was day 2. I felt over joyed about our new home, and new car and all the wonderful things I am to receive! I found out that a 2004 Dodge Durango is half the price of the Grand Caravan I'd originally wanted, not mention gets better gas mileage, AND in the paper there was an add at the bank we've tried to get a home loan through for auto loans! They had an excellent interest rate, and by going through them for a smaller auto loan we will build good credit, which puts us on the path to our home! I am going over to the bank in the morning to see about getting pre-approved! I just KNOW that we will be and we will get the perfect car for our family!

I looked at some dining room furniture and selected both a formal and casual dining set! I will add those photos to the slideshow tomorrow. I have also begun to work with The American Monk audio tracks. WOW! Talk about relaxing! Highly recommend those! I am excited and grateful for all the amazing things that are to come in the next 30/100 days and so on!

Stay positive! Know what it is you want! Watch the videos I've posted for visualization--a great way to get started!

The American Monk

I have started the seven free lessons from the American Monk website and I really enjoy them! It is teaching me how to properly meditate, stop bad thoughts, etc. I will post more about my journey with this later, but just wanted you all to know about it! If you want the link to the lessons let me know and I can email it to you! You download mp3 audio tracks so you can use them repeatedly! I know this is going to be phenomenal in my quest to apply The Secret in my life! Click on the link below to check out the website!

The Internet Phenomenon

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Day 1 of 30/100

It is now the end of day 1 of both of my challenges. I have watched the visualizations several times throughout the day, as well as read the Creed several times. I noticed that I can start to spin everything into a more positive light, and my outlook is a little less stressed! I feel calm and collected--at peace within myself. I look forward to all of the great things that are to come in the next 30 and 100 days! We drove out to look at our dream home, which we will be moving into July 2012, one way or another! That is the beauty of The Secret: you don't need to know how, or when, just that it will happen. The rest will unfold as you go. Jack Canfield said on the dvd that it's like headlights: you can see 100-200 feet at a time in the dark with headlights on, but you can drive from California to New York like that because ALL YOU NEED TO SEE IS THE NEXT 200 FEET. And it will continue to unfold as you go along! I am so excited to be doing this!

I have posted my wants/goals around the house, one spot being above the sink. I don't have a dishwasher, so it's been great to do dishes but be distracted from the chore because I am focusing on my list! I am very passionate about the things on my list, and I know that they will all become my reality!

I will be going to bed soon, but before I do I will be doing the visualization videos and the Creed once more. Also, I am going to focus on the things that I want and will have!

Best thoughts only!

100 Days of Optimism Challenge

In addition to my 30 Day Visualization Challenge, I have decided to also take part in my own 100 Days of Optimism Challenge! It will be very simple, but I am expecting HUGE results! For the next 100 days, I will read the Optimist's Creed every morning when I wake up, and every evening before going to bed. Also, I will read it when I start to feel any negativity rise within me. I know that this will help me to apply The Secret every day in my life. Even though my printer may be out of ink right now, which is preventing me from printing out the Creed, I have wrote it down and posted it onto yellow construction paper! Why yellow? Well, when looking at all the color options I had on hand, I was drawn to the yellow and saw it as 'fitting' for an optimist!

Join me in this 100 Days of Optimism Challenge, as well as the 30 Day Visualization Challenge! So many wonderful things are going to happen--you don't want to miss out!

The link to The Optimist's Creed: http://thesecret.tv/optimists-creed/

30 Day Visualization Challenge

I have watched The Secret dvd twice now, and am making my way through the book for the second time as well! After exploring more on The Secret's website, thesecret.tv, I found the Visualization Tools! They are wonderful! I have decided to begin a 30 Day Visualization Challenge, in which I will watch all four videos at least once a day, for the next 30 days! I will be posting daily about this, as well as other things relating to The Secret being applied in my life! I hope you will also decide to start your own 30 day challenge and watch as great things happen! I know that all of my dreams will come true, as I am master of my own thoughts!

**You'll notice 3 of the 4 videos below, the only one I couldn't get was The Optimists Creed, so you'll just have to click on The Secret website on the left to find it!**

Please feel free to comment back as you desire! I would love to hear from you, whether it's questions, thoughts, or even your own success stories!