Saturday, July 25, 2009

Day 5 30/100

Today was a wonderful day! I feel happy and optimistic and carefree! Here is what has happened today: in the mail we received a package of little toys/prizes from my mom to add to the kids' Prize Box (for good behavior), and the Pentalic notebook I bought for John to do his comic strips! Great surprises there! When I went to the Wal*Mart this afternoon I received front row parking, followed by ending up in the fastest and shortest checkout, then a gentleman held the door open on the way out for me and Zoey! On my way to the next store, I again received front parking! I played the lotto for tonight's Powerball and Pick 3 and although our numbers weren't called tonight, we are one drawing closer and we are very excited! We shared the secret with some family members as well! I am very excited to see the changes that they bring about in their lives, too! I also had forgot my ID when I went to the gas station to pick up some beer for the guys (we grilled for dinner and had everyone over!)--so instead of thinking "I hope they don't ask for my ID" I instead put out there "I will buy the beer with just my credit card". AND I DID! Also when I went back out to get some juice for me and the kids I noticed the rewards program at that gas station and finally inquired about it! Turns out I can attract money to myself that way as well! They give money back on gas and also random prizes, such as $50 gift cards to use there! How cool is that?! I also created a vision board this afternoon and it is hanging in our living room! We have a bare space on one wall that just never had anything there, but the vision board was just MADE to go there! It looks so right! On it I have the Real Estate flyer to our dream house, lotto tickets, a receipt from the ATM that I whited out that balance on and wrote in $500,000.00, a photo of a dog (although it isn't the exact breed we want, it's a place holder and above I wrote "German Shepard"!), a pregnant belly ;), and a Geico Money guy but it's just him with $500,000.00 written on top! I am so grateful for all the wonderful things in my life!

If you haven't started on a challenge of your own, you should start NOW! It can be anything! Even 10 days of just reading the Optimist's Creed! Remember: you don't need to know how it will work, just know and believe it will and does! I'm excited to tell you all of what tomorrow brings!

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