Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Day 2 of 30/100

Today was day 2. I felt over joyed about our new home, and new car and all the wonderful things I am to receive! I found out that a 2004 Dodge Durango is half the price of the Grand Caravan I'd originally wanted, not mention gets better gas mileage, AND in the paper there was an add at the bank we've tried to get a home loan through for auto loans! They had an excellent interest rate, and by going through them for a smaller auto loan we will build good credit, which puts us on the path to our home! I am going over to the bank in the morning to see about getting pre-approved! I just KNOW that we will be and we will get the perfect car for our family!

I looked at some dining room furniture and selected both a formal and casual dining set! I will add those photos to the slideshow tomorrow. I have also begun to work with The American Monk audio tracks. WOW! Talk about relaxing! Highly recommend those! I am excited and grateful for all the amazing things that are to come in the next 30/100 days and so on!

Stay positive! Know what it is you want! Watch the videos I've posted for visualization--a great way to get started!

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