Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Intend to Have an Amazing Day!

Good morning!

I was thinking today that often when we kiss our significant others good-bye for the day, a lot of times someone will say "Have a good day!" and the response usually is either "You too" or "I will". But really, are you/they INTENDING to have a great day, or just saying the auto-pilot response? Don't forget to feel that feeling of already knowing and having a great day! Wake up and tell yourself "This is a fantastic day! I am so grateful and happy to experience so many great things!" Really feel it sinking in until it makes you FEEL like it has already happened! Hold that feeling with you--smile because you KNOW you are having -- CREATING -- a fantastic day for yourself and those around you! Understand that some people may not be feeling that way, but if you smile and allow that feeling to radiate from you it can change their mood as well! And isn't that wonderful?? To know that just by telling yourself you are creating an amazing day, and feeling it, you can transmit that feeling--that energy--to those around you and help to lift them up as well as yourself!

When thinking about your to-do lists for the day, make "Create an amazing day" top of the list! Hold that in your mind in everything you do today---this way you will be doing your every day tasks with the intent on it aiding you in creating that amazing day!

I am looking forward to today's experiences and would love to hear how your day turns out!

Smile, even if no one is around.....because you KNOW the Secret!

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