Saturday, July 25, 2009

Day 4 30/100

Yesterday was day 4 of my challenges! We went to the bank to look into getting an auto loan, and although we didn't get it, we were shown things on our credit report that were in fact inaccurate! So, we are now able to look into getting those corrected--had we not gone to the bank, we would have never found this out! Our car is being attracted to us right now, we know it! I watched the dvd twice last night, and after falling asleep while holding my desires in my mind, I woke up suddenly and had this overwhelming need to get up and buy a lottery ticket! I had had the numbers in my head for a few days, the numbers relating to our dream home! So I went out and intended to just buy a Pick 3 ticket, but when I got there I was drawn to the big lottery! I was able to play all the numbers I had had in my head, and then when I went to buy both, the time was just a few minutes too late to play the Pick 3--but I am going back today! Anyways, it was a good thing that I didn't do the Pick 3 last night because those weren't the numbers I chose! But it will happen for us! The lottery is 88 Million and that is a great sign, because Zoey, my daughter, was born on 8/8/08 at 8:03am! I know these numbers I have will win and I just have to maintain my belief AND the feeling as if I've already won! I am so excited! I have been feeling happier and happier as the days go one!

As for expecting and receiving unexpected checks in the mail every day, I received a great discount pass to my favorite store the other day, and in the mail last night was a charitable donations summary that shows we donated $120.00 and it is tax deductible! So to me, that is like having a $120 check in the mail--even if it comes in my tax return! :)

My next step is to take a tour of our dream home!

I am feeling fabulous, and I am master of my thoughts!

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