Saturday, August 1, 2009

Challenges Update

I haven't been posting for a few days due to being busy with the kids and sewing! But I wanted to update everyone on my challenges!!

My thinking is improving and I am becoming more positive every day! There is so much less stress in my life and I have more confidence than ever! I also accepted a 30 day challenge from to think NOTHING but positive thoughts every day all day for 30 days! So this is day 1 on that challenge!

I took that challenge last night before going to bed and it is already working! I had a nightmare last night in my sleep and in my dream I told myself that I can choose my thoughts, and that the dream was just a bad thought! So I immediately started thinking "dream house dream house...." and kept saying it and then suddenly my dream went from a nightmare to being a good dream about living in that house!

There are more laws that go hand in hand with The Secret, and the blog I mentioned above is going to help me learn all of them! Just as soon as I get my hands on the book Think and Get Rich I will be even more on the right track to success!

Anything good happening lately? Why yes! I am working with a store owner who is interested in exclusivity of some of my baby-to-toddler bibs and am expecting great things to happen with that! John is finding new job opportunities, and Zoey's birthday party is coming together nicely for next Saturday! We have attracted more company to us--our family members and some friends came over on Thursday night after what was a spontaneous invite from John to just his friend and brother to come over! Turned out to be an all night event with everyone we enjoy having around, but we hardly ever see! It was a lot of fun! I am finding it easier and easier to be grateful for all those little things we often over look!

Like Michelle said on her challenge video (see the above blog!): "Are you breathing?" That is such a great inspiration! I know that sometimes we can get down in a slump and think there isn't anything to be grateful for but really, "are you breathing?"--yes? Well then be thankful for that! Just last night I was thinking about how grateful I was/am to be able to take a shower every day and any time I want, and to have the body wash I like, and to have shampoo and conditioner, and to have my razor, and .... you get the idea! Just think what it would be like to NOT have the things you do! Computer? TV? Books? Kids? Beds? Food? Job? Car? Even if it may not be the "best" or your "dream", at least you have it, right? I mean, if you want more kids but find that you are unable and yet you already have children, shouldn't you be thankful for the ones you do have? And you may not have your own computer at your disposal, but are you not having at least access to one right now to read this?? You may not have a lot of food, but are you at least eating every day? See what I mean! It's easy when you really step back and see what it could be like to NOT have these things! I mean really think about this!!! Are you grateful for indoor plumbing?? I know I am! LOL

What are you grateful for? Sight? Hearing? Sense of smell? Ability to walk/talk/read/write...? ???

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