Saturday, August 15, 2009


I mentioned before about the lottery...well, tonight I won $15 in the Powerball lottery!! I had the red ball (the power ball) number of 12 AND I had done power play! I originally thought I just won $3, but then later (about 20 minutes later!) saw the power play marked "yes"! The power play number was x5, so there's my $15! Want more proof?? Well, I have been researching the field of coaching and after deciding it was in harmony with my desires, I wanted to get the first three books on my list! I found them on ebay for $5 each. So I had set my intention to get that $15....see where I'm going....? :)

Also, my baby-to-toddler bibs: I wanted to get $40 today. It came to me that I could sell 8 bibs to a local shop in town. I quickly finished 8, and packed up the little ones and headed out on my mission. The woman who owned the store was very excited about them as well, and we agreed that she would buy them for $5 and sell them for $10. As I was heading out of the store another woman came in with a baby and they instantly started talking about how much they liked them! Now, my absolute deadline to get $40 is Monday night, so like Bob Proctor says, it's not a failure if it didn't manifest in your time frame, it's just that you didn't know how long yet that manifestation would take! But don't give up on it!

The Six Minutes To Success program is doing so many wonderful things for me! I was up this morning at 5:30am and was more productive than ever! The bonus audios you get with the membership are INCREDIBLE and LIFE ALTERING! I feel like a new person! I couldn't sit still and watch tv as I normally would have because my mind was tuned to receiving ideas! Everything I did today had a purpose and was in line with achieving my goals! I am so happy and excited by all of this! I'm off now to plan tomorrow tonight, and then read Think and Grow Rich! As soon as the kids have breakfast I am going to claim my lottery winnings! I'm on my way to that jackpot!!

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  1. Good for you! Reading people success with LOA gives me the motivation and good vibes I need. :)