Monday, August 3, 2009

The Laws of Success and The Lottery

I have read some differing opinions about using the Laws of Success/Attraction to win the lottery. This is my take on it. If it is your burning desire, and you have not a trace of doubt in your mind, and you have an exact amount of money you intend to receive, and a date by which to do it....and know what you will give back in return, then it will work. See, even if other millionaires tell you it can not be done, well that is their opinion and in my own opinion contradictory to what they are saying to you in the first place: there is NO limit to what you can achieve and no matter how impossible it may seem you can still reach your goals. So in theory then, who are they to say that the LAW will not work in certain situations? Are they not just becoming an obstacle to overcome by saying such things? I think that they are. I have great respect for all people, but to put a limit on someone like that is incorrect. See, they do not KNOW that you can not win the lottery like that, and in FACT people DO win the lottery!! What is the difference then? I will tell you. The difference is making it a burning desire. To have NO doubt. To know that you MUST win or perish. To never quit. To not accept defeat as a reality. It is yours. Go get it. Believe you already have received it and FEEL as though you have! So to those "big names" out there that want to claim that attracting a winning lottery ticket is a lousy goal: you are wrong for placing YOUR opinion on someone else's desire!


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  1. Nichole,

    Remember, it ONLY matters what you believe. Don't worry about what other believe, it is not a right or wrong thing, and they too have the freedom of choice in choosing their beliefs. You are on the right track, keep learning, because everyday, new things will be reveiled. Secondly, the riches will come ONLY when you have arrived, and passed all the tests God will be giving you. THen and ONLY then are ALL things possible.......including winning the lottery : )